Changes coming to reserved parking at Sea-Tac Airport

Changes are coming to parking at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, as pre-booked parking is phased out for a new program.

According to the airport, the existing “Pre-Booked Parking” program will close to new bookings starting on Feb. 29. After that, Sea-Tac will move to “Reserved Parking” in the garage on March 5.

Reserved Parking is described as “a premium, reservation-only parking program located on a dedicated floor of the garage.” It will offer a “stall guarantee” regardless of how full the garage is or when you’re traveling.

As for what will change from Pre-Booked to Reserved Parking, the biggest shift will be the guaranteed stall on the fourth floor on the parking garage. For the previous program, pre-booked parking had drivers searching for stalls on all other floors.

Reserved Parking will cost $47 a day with a minimum reservation of two days. “Variable rate pricing” could be enacted sometime down the road too.