Take my chances on the I-35W death trap just to buy groceries at new H-E-B? No thanks

Amanda McCoy/amccoy@star-telegram.com

Not worth the scary trip

The new H-E-B grocery store that was just announced is not really in Fort Worth, in my book. That area is basically Keller or Alliance. If they build a store inside Loop 820, you could call it Fort Worth.

I have no intention of ever driving on Interstate 35W (also known as one of the worst death-trap highways in the state) to go grocery shopping.

In the future, I hope the company might consider North Main in the new Panther Island complex, the Hemphill corridor, Berry Street, Eighth Ave, South Main, Rosedale Street, University Drive or even Lancaster Avenue, to jump start that area.

I talked with a few of my friends, and they have told me, no way are they driving to the far north to buy some taters.

- Wendell W. Nelson, Fort Worth

O’Hare was overlooked

I strongly disagree with the Star-Telegram’s editorial board not endorsing Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County judge. (Oct. 23, 4C, “O’Hare, Peoples: Our pick for county judge”) You wrote that he has analyzed and come up with proposed solutions to the jail and hospital problems, yet you do not see that as a strength? I’ll be voting for Tim.

- Kathleen Penak, Grapevine

O’Rourke’s ideas for Texas

I read the Star Telegram Editorial Board’s election recommendations with great interest. It was interesting that it stayed away from simple, popular selections or going by party. But the selection and reasoning for governor was confusing. (Oct. 25, 9A, “We recommend: Greg Abbott for governor over Beto O’Rourke”) The board pointed out that Greg Abbott has had plenty of time to live up to his campaign promises and work on problems, but he has done neither.

Beto O’Rourke seems to have the ideas, platform and energy for those problems. The editorial’s “shopping list” of things to make Texas better are the things O’Rourke is actually running for and on.

And while the lieutenant governor holds great sway over Texas, you went with Democrat Mike Collier, who is running on some of the same points as O’Rourke.

- Glenn Knuth, Bedford

More important than party

Thanks to Opinion Editor Ryan Rusak for taking the time and space in the Oct. 26 edition to publish “How did the Editorial Board decide on candidates?” (13A) It was a helpful follow-up to the paper’s recent candidate recommendations. The sentence “Party affiliation is low on the priority list” is particularly appreciated.

- Steve Epstein, Fort Worth

I don’t buy what liberals sell

Ryan Rusak’s explanation for why the Editorial Board chose to support certain candidates fell flat. Why he feels the need to even explain speaks volumes about the Star-Telegram’s overall liberal bent.

Politics today certainly have become too polarized, and I yearn for years past when there was a sense of “do what’s right” from both sides of the aisle. Commonsense decisions are few and far between, but I see far more common sense coming from conservatives than liberals. I have not met a Democrat I could vote for in years.

- Clint Narmore, Lake Worth

An education on elections

For those misguided sheep who don’t trust the American election system, there’s an easy method to verify the process: For the next election, sign up to be an election clerk. Besides serving your community, you’ll get a detailed education about how elections work and you’ll realize how you have been duped by right-wing media and Donald Trump.

Every interview of an election denier needs to start with the question: “Have you ever served as an election clerk in your community?”

- Mark K. Bauer, Haslet

Has SCOTUS leak been forgotten?

Is anyone other than me still wondering who leaked Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion of the ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade?

- Lee S. Anderson, Fort Worth

Green lights still mean go at TCU

Clearly, a memo is circulating that misleads drivers in the critical pedestrian corridor of South University Drive on the TCU campus. That’s the only explanation for the ridiculous number of adult drivers recently spotted stopping on green lights at the campus’ main traffic signal and waving students to cross.

Please help set the record straight. Drivers, for the love of Pete, please drive on green and stop on red!

- Caryl Sherman-Gonzalez, Fort Worth