Chachi Loves Donny: Actor Scott Baio proclaims in RNC speech, ‘We need Donald Trump’

CLEVELAND — Donald in charge of our days and our nights. Donald in charge of our wrongs and our rights. And I sing, Scott Baio wants Donald in charge of me.

Baio, an actor who is best known for starring on the television shows “Charles in Charge,” “Happy Days” and its spinoff “Joanie Loves Chachi,” praised presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in a primetime speech Monday at the Republican National Convention.

The theme of the opening night of the convention was “Make America Safe Again” and Baio argued that Trump is “a man that I trust with the lives of my family and the health of our country.”

In his Monday speech, Baio called America “the greatest country God ever created.” He went on to warn that the nation is currently “in a very bad spot.”

“You can feel it and you can see it everywhere. There’s no stability, nothing seems right and all the things that we hold dear are being attacked every single day. We cannot go down this road any more. We need to stop,” Baio said.

Baio touted Trump as the necessary solution to the country’s ills.

“We need Donald Trump to fix this. Is Donald Trump a messiah? No, he’s just a man, a man who wants to give back to his country, America, the country that has given him everything,” he said.

Baio continued with an attack on the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“We have a choice in November, we can go for Hillary Clinton, … who wants to continue the same policies that are wrecking this country, policies that make us unsafe, a woman who somehow feels that she’s entitled to the presidency, that she’s somehow owed it, or we can go for Donald Trump,” said Baio.

Baio characterized Trump as “a man doing this from the goodness of his heart and genuinely wants to help.” He concluded the brief remarks with a play on Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

“Hillary Clinton wants to be president for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump wants to be president for all of us,” Baio said, adding, “So, of course, let’s make America great again, but let’s make America, America again.”

In an interview that aired on CNN after his speech, Baio said he first met Trump when they were both appearing on Fox News. The actor, who initially endorsed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the Republican primary, said Trump invited him to speak at a fundraiser in California last week. Baio said he was shocked to get the invitation.

“Guys like me don’t get to this kind of stuff often,” Baio said.


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