Ceremony held to recognize people buried in unmarked graves

YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A ceremony was held Saturday morning to unveil a permanent monument to recognize people buried in unmarked graves.

About 800 people are buried in a field near Prospect Hill Cemetery. After years of research, the friends of York City Cemetery were able to uncover the names of 270 men, women, and children buried in unmarked graves.

Many people are now finding connections to their loved ones who were buried in the field, including York County’s Coroner Pam Gay.

“I found out that this man, Augusta Hildebrand is my great great uncle and he’s buried here in this city cemetery so that was amazing to find out and I believe there’s going to be more families that will find connections here now that we have some names published and people can see,” Gay said.

“The fact that we were able to reunite people with their lost family members, even though they won’t be able to meet them, the idea that they know where they’re buried and can visit them and see their name there, hopefully, it connects them more with history and the loss of souls here,” Chair of the Friends of York Cemetry Jaime Noerpel said.

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