Central IL bird lovers unite for annual Great Backyard Bird Count

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Next weekend, wildlife enthusiasts have the chance to help scientists gain knowledge about local bird species.

The Urbana Park District is asking Central IL residents to do their part in helping local scientists figure out what birds are in the area, by participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count of 2024.

The annual GBBC is a global effort to collect data on wild birds and help protect species around the world. The event takes place over the weekend of Feb. 16-19, just ahead of an annual migration season.

Results from previous years show that more and more people participate in the bird count every year.

Take part in the global Great Backyard Bird Count with these apps and items

Anyone interested in participating in the GBBC — with a group or alone — should follow these steps, according to organizers of the event:

  1. Choose a location to watch for birds. This could be a local park, wildlife refuge, or even your own backyard.

  2. Spend at least 15 minutes watching for birds over the designated weekend of Feb. 16-19.

  3. Identify all birds you either hear or see. You can use either of these tools to share your findings:

Submitting your findings allows for the GBBC to display results in near real time.

Anyone who wants to learn more should tune into one of the upcoming webinars hosted by event organizers. During the webinars, participants can learn helpful tips on how to best identify and count birds and can better prepare for the event.

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