CDC dodges question about Biden wearing mask outdoors, despite updated guidance

During the White House COVID-19 press briefing on Friday, Jeff Zients, coordinator of President Biden's COVID-19 task force, was asked why Biden and the first lady, both fully vaccinated, keep wearing masks outdoors despite updated guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Zients skirted the question and then encouraged Americans to get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- This morning we saw the first lady outdoors wearing a mask, even though she's vaccinated. The president yesterday said he would need to wear a mask if he was sitting close to someone indoors-- even if they're both vaccinated-- which goes against CDC guidance. And so, given that the president focused on modeling the best public health advice when masks were required, why isn't he doing more to show the country what you can do once you are vaccinated?

- Getting Americans vaccinated is the most effective tool as we-- that we have against COVID. And we'll continue to follow the CDC science-based guidance on travel and other matters. Dr. Walensky, I don't if you have anything to add here.

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: No, nothing to add.