CBS Los Angeles Meteorologist Alissa Carlson Collapses In Frightening Scene On Live TV

Alissa Carlson, meteorologist at CBS Los Angeles station KCAL, is recovering from a head injury after collapsing on the air on Saturday during a moment that alarmed colleagues and viewers alike.

The show’s hosts were in the process of going to her for the weather when she suddenly leaned forward, fell onto the desk, then off the desk and completely out of the camera frame:

The anchors quickly went to a commercial.

NBC News reported that the staff called 911 immediately and Carlson was brought to the hospital for treatment.

“Thanks for all the texts, calls, and well wishes,” Carlson wrote on Facebook on Saturday. “I am going to be ok!”

On Sunday, she added that she was recovering from a head injury and that she was out of the hospital.

“Thankfully it’s not my heart this time,” she wrote, referring to a 2014 incident in which she vomited while on the air at KGET, the NBC station in Bakersfield, California, which turned out to have been caused by a leaky heart valve.

KCAL said she’ll be back on the air “as soon as she’s well enough to return.”