CB&I moves 400 jobs to Baton Rouge location

Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- CB&I, the company that bought the Baton Rouge-based Shaw Group, is expanding its presence in the capital city, moving 400 jobs there from out-of-state locations.

The company and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Monday that CB&I is centralizing a second of its four operating divisions in Louisiana.

Jindal said the decision eliminates concerns that CB&I, which engineers and builds large infrastructure projects, would shrink the former Shaw footprint in Baton Rouge and drastically reduce jobs.

"They're adding so many employees, they'll actually have to lease space here in Baton Rouge," he said.

The governor said the new jobs are expected to be in place by 2014 and will pay salaries averaging from $68,000 to $78,000 a year plus benefits.

Jindal's office said many of the positions will be filled by existing CB&I workers moving to Baton Rouge, but said some of the jobs will be available to Louisiana residents.

"These kinds of good-paying jobs are exactly the types of jobs that will help keep our sons and daughters here and help bring our sons and daughters back," Jindal said.

The state is giving the company up to $3.3 million for relocation costs, along with tax breaks for providing high-paying jobs and worker training assistance, according to Jindal.