Caught on Video: Man Steals Puppy in Pants

Matthew Rosenbaum
ABC News
Caught on Video: Man Steals Puppy in Pants
Caught on Video: Man Steals Puppy in Pants (ABC News)

Long Island Police are on the lookout for two men who robbed a pet store, making off with a Pomeranian which one man stuffed down his pants while an employee wasn't looking.

Security camera footage from Zoorama Pet Store in Elmont shows two men entering the store and looking puppies. One man distracts the owner's son, who was working at the counter by pretending to be interested in one of the animals. While the employee is away at the other man springs into action, trying, and failing to break into the cash register.

When that didn't work, the suspect went for the next valuable thing in sight, a purebred Pomeranian puppy, valued at over $1000. With time running short, the suspect takes the puppy and unceremoniously stuffs it in to his pants. When the squirming puppy resists, the suspect covers it up with his shirt before leaving

The owner of the store is offering a $500 reward for the return of the 1 1/2-pound, light-cream-colored female dog, which he says needs special care.

Police are urging anyone with information on the crime to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 244-TIPS.