These Cats Loved Watching A Fellow Feline Disrupt An NFL Game

These Cats Loved Watching A Fellow Feline Disrupt An NFL Game

A now-famous feline has become the cats’ meow.

A rogue black cat became an internet celebrity when it ran onto the MetLife Stadium field as the New York Giants played the Dallas Cowboys during Monday Night Football.

The frisky fella ran into the end zone in the second quarter and sparked cheers from the crowd before dashing into an area under a seating section as state troopers tried to catch it.

And although the cat seemingly came out of nowhere, there are apparently a few strays that call the area under the seats at the stadium their home.

Yet, regardless of where the elusive animal came from, people online absolutely loved the cute but chaotic moment. And so did cats:

Dogs, however, did not enjoy the shenanigans.

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The canines’ response to the cat seems pretty natural, but it’s unclear why cats were so clearly enchanted by their fellow fur ball.

It is possible that felines may have just been attracted to something small moving quickly across the screen. There are plenty of videos online made specifically for cats that share similar visuals.

Jackson Galaxy, a cat behavior and wellness expert, author and host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” told HuffPost that the cats’ interest in the moment is “a bit of a mystery!”

“It could have been the sudden fast movement, although there were movements on the screen all night, so that’s unlikely,” he told HuffPost via email. “It could be that the people in the room made a loud noise when they saw the cat that attracted them to the screen. They could’ve made a comment to the cats regarding ‘one of their own’ on the field that drew them over.”

It should also be noted that some of the species have shown they enjoy watching football in general.

And despite how fun the video may appear, Galaxy also expressed concern, pointing out how “terrified” the animal must have been during the experience.

A spokesperson for MetLife Stadium also told HuffPost in a statement that the cat has yet to be located, but said once it’s safely caught they “will take it to a veterinarian for examination.”

Galaxy noted as well that given the cat’s coloring and the stigma attached to black felines, a viral video like this could only add to an already bad situation.

“As an animal advocate, I feel obligated to note that something like this just reinforces negative stereotypes about black cats,” he said. “Black cats are the last cats to be adopted because of these negative superstitions, so if you need an incentive to adopt a black cat today, this is it!”

Because who doesn’t want a black cat of their very own? Much like this cutie that couldn’t be bothered to move from its comfy spot during the viral game-crasher’s romp:

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