Case returns to court over allegations Lindsay Lohan lied to police about traffic accident

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Lindsay Lohan is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in a misdemeanour case over allegations she lied to police about a June traffic accident, though the actress is not required to attend the hearing.

Lohan is charged with reckless driving, lying to police about whether she was driving when her Porsche slammed into the back of a truck and obstructing police from performing their duties.

Lohan told police that she wasn't driving, but police suspect she was behind the wheel. The actress was on probation at the time for a 2011 necklace theft case and could be sentenced to 245 days in jail if a judge determines her conduct violated her probation. Her probation was revoked last month, but she had yet to enter a plea on the new charges.

Lohan's publicist and longtime attorney Shawn Holley did not return messages Monday about the hearing.

Although Lohan is not required to appear at Tuesday's hearing, she would have to appear when a probation violation hearing is scheduled.