Carson Daly Is Safe from Alec Baldwin (For Now)

Esther Zuckerman
Carson Daly Is Safe from Alec Baldwin (For Now)

Contrary to crazy reports, Alec Baldwin will not be on your television while you are fast sleep—at least not yet: NBC announced this afternoon that Last Call with Carson Daly, the show you did not know was still on, has been renewed for a 13th.

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The news isn't too surprising given that Baldwin was only in the "initial stages" of discussion, as The New York Times's Bill "Late Shift" Carter reported last night. But it does put a damper on those rumors for a while, unless suddenly the Daly vs. Baldwin becomes Leno vs. Conan all over again. (That would be exhausting.) 

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NBC's major late night shake ups will happen following the 2014 Winter Olympics when Fallon assumes Leno's spot at The Tonight Show. That leaves Fallon's spot at Late Night open, possibly going to Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers stepping in.   

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Still, it must be a relief for Daly, since the news of Baldwin possibly coming in reminded everyone that they don't really care about the former TRL host's super-early-morning gig, even though he is an important part of NBC's family. He hosts the struggling network's true hit show The Voice. Though certainly no one is turning into The Voice simply to see Daly, that's a formula the network likely does not want to mess with. News of his renewal comes awfully suspiciously close on the heels of those Baldwin rumors. Makes you think there might be some attempt to quell any sort of Daly uprising.