Carriers reportedly won’t have any white or gold iPhone 5s models on launch day [updated]

Brad Reed

iPhone 5s Release Date Supplies
iPhone 5s Release Date Supplies

Getting an iPhone 5s on launch day was always going to be tough but now it looks like getting a 5s in a color other than gray on Friday will be all but impossible. Unnamed carrier sources tell 9to5Mac that they won’t have any white or gold iPhone 5s models during the device’s launch day and that they will only have the new device available in space gray. 9to5Mac’s sources say that they might receive late shipments of white and gold 5s models Thursday night but that they aren’t counting on it and are preparing to sell the 5s in only one color. Let’s hope that the Japanese Apple fans who waited outside during a typhoon to get their favorite device can settle for space gray because otherwise they may start to feel a little foolish.

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UPDATE: A source at AT&T says that the carrier will have the iPhone 5s available in white and gold to order online even though it may not have them at its retail outlets. It wouldn’t be surprising if other carriers had white and gold 5s models available to order online, although this means you’d still have to wait to get your 5s in the mail.

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