Carol Vorderman reflects on 'happy' Countdown days as she is reunited with show's clock

The TV star posed with the clock as she visited Channel 4

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Carol Vorderman couldn't resist dancing to the Countdown tune as she was reunited with the show's famous clock.

The TV star, 62, made her debut on the popular show in 1982 and stayed for 26 years, leaving in 2008.

She found herself face to face with its clock once again when she visited Channel 4 this week.

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Vorderman shared a series of photos and clips on Instagram showing her with the clock, and dancing along as it played its theme tune.

"CHANNEL 4 GREETING," posted the TV star and maths whizz.

"Awwwww look what greeted me at @channel4 HQ this morning with a big smile on its clock face...... awwwww.

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"Happy days indeed."

Adding a string of heart emojis, she wrote: "I've danced to that music tens of thousands of times over the years.....lols."

British TV Presenter Carol Vorderman.   Seen on the set of the Channel Four quiz show 'Countdown'.  ,  01.02.1985..   (Photo by Avalon/Getty Images)
Carol Vorderman made her debut on Countdown in 1982. (Avalon/Getty Images)

Fans loved the trip down memory lane, saying images of Vorderman and the clock took them way back.

"Back where you belong," posted one.

"Bringing back the good old days," said another.

"Now that brings back lots of fabulous memories," posted somebody else.

"Love your moves Carol," gushed another.

One fan asked: "Would you consider returning to Countdown again, even if as a guest on Dictionary Corner?"

Carol Vorderman poses for photographers upon arrival at the world premiere of the film 'Maniac', in London, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)
Carol Vorderman made her name on the show. (Invision/AP)

In November, the presenter paid tribute to Countdown as she marked her 40 years on TV.

Sharing a clip from the programme, Vorderman said that it was the first show on then new channel, Channel 4.

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"Happy birthday Channel 4 and Countdown… And happy TV birthday to (me)," she wrote.

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