Carly Fiorina attacks Hillary Clinton: ‘Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband’

·Senior Writer

Carly Fiorina came to the so-called undercard Republican presidential debate in South Carolina armed with several zingers aimed at Hillary Clinton.

“I’m not a political insider. I haven’t spent my lifetime running for office,” Fiorina said in opening the GOP forum — the first of two debates hosted by the Fox Business network Thursday night in North Charleston. “And unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband.”

The former Hewlett-Packard chief executive also took a swipe at the Democratic frontrunner’s use of a private email account as secretary of state.

“We need a president who understands technology in the Oval Office,” she said. “No, Mrs. Clinton, you actually cannot wipe a server with a towel.”

Fiorina didn’t reserve all her barbs for Clinton. She criticized the Obama administration’s decision to accept Syrian refugees into the United States.

“We cannot allow refugees to enter this country unless we can adequately vet them, and I know we can’t,” Fiorina said, adding, “We do not need to be lectured about why we’re angry, frustrated and fearful.”

And she also criticized President Obama’s recently announced executive action on guns — scoffing at polls that show that a majority of Americans support universal background checks.

“We all believe the poll data all the time, don’t we?” said Fiorina, who failed to make the cut for the main stage based, in part, on her poor showing in recent polls.

Fiorina continued: “[The president] said, ‘Gee, we need a few more FBI agents.’ That would have helped, perhaps, stop a tragedy here in South Carolina with Dylann Roof, a guy who clearly never should have been sold a gun.”

Nor was it just Democrats who drew fire from Fiorina.

“I think we have to end crony capitalism,” she said. “The crony capitalism that starts with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You know, Hillary Clinton sits inside government and rakes in millions, handing out access and favors. And Donald Trump sits outside government and rakes in billions, buying people like Hillary Clinton.”

Later, during a discussion of U.S. foreign policy, she jabbed at the Republican frontrunner again.

“We need to be very clear-eyed now about who are our allies and who are our adversaries,” Fiorina said. “In the fight against ISIS, Saudi Arabia is our ally. Iran is our adversary. And despite Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin and Russia are our adversary.”