Care for some reading time by the sea?

STORY: This seaside cafe offers an open-air digital detox

Moumen Toman's coffee stall features a free library

He hopes it will replace time people spend on their phones

[Moumen Toman/Cafe Owner]

'The culture of reading has started to fade away because of the "Tik-Tok mentality" that is taking so much of our time. I mean, when a customer comes here and touches a book, they feel the value that there are many people who are publishing writings, knowledge, publishing things better than a million references on the Internet. I mean, one can use a book as a reference instead of an online source'

Toman says some customers give books to add to the shelf

[Wasim Labad/Resident]

"Today, you have an actual book. When you touch the book like this and flip through the pages, you feel that something new has happened to you and you break the routine, especially since sometimes when you want information about something, you can't find it in full on the Internet, but from the book you find it in detail. Especially the smell of the book as well, it means that it reminds you of the reality of the culture we have and the information that you can acquire in order to strengthen your abilities in culture and conversations with others. And this thing is new, and with the view of the sea as well, means the atmosphere is very refreshing."