Cardinals’ Paul Goldschmidt matches an MLB feat last done by Ty Cobb in 1925

The Detroit Tigers were in St. Louis to face the Browns on May 5, 1925, and the 3,500 fans in attendance were treated to an entertaining game.

The teams combined for 22 runs and 31 hits as the Tigers rallied for a 14-8 victory at Sportsman’s Park. Future Hall of Famer Ty Cobb went 6 for 6 with five RBIs, four runs scored, three home runs and a double.

Detroit scored five runs in the ninth inning the following day in St. Louis and broke open a close game, winning 11-4. Cobb caused more problems for the Browns pitchers, clubbing two homers as part of a three-hit day. Cobb drove in six runs in that game.

There had not been a two-day stretch of prodigious hitting in Major League Baseball like that until this week.

Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt had nine hits in 12 at-bats against the Pirates on Monday and Tuesday. He also collected nine RBIs, four homers, a double and six runs scored. And like Cobb 97 years ago, he hasn’t struck out once.

One key difference: Goldschmidt’s hitting display came over three games, while Cobb did that in two games.

Still, Goldschmidt’s two-day output was unlike any in Major League Baseball since Cobb in 1925. That’s according to Stats by Stats, which shared the historical comparison.

One other note: both did it in games played in St. Louis.

Being compared to The Georgia Peach is quite the compliment for Goldschmidt.