Cardi B Claps Back At Hater By Sharing Her Massive Paycheck For Private Performance

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Cardi B is spilling the tea on what she makes for a private performance, and it’s way more than you think. According to Complex, the “Up” rapper claimed that she made $1 million for a recent private event performance, and urged her naysayer to put that in their pipe and smoke it.

In the since-deleted tweet, Cardi wrote that she took home the whopping amount after rapping “at this elite bankers … private event for 400 people.” She added that she only performed for “35 minutes.”

The mom of two knows better than to make such a claim without proof — she included an excerpt of a document showing her pay.

The tweet was in response to another user who attempted to diss the rapper.

“Think about that when you type about this Grammy winner,” she wrote to them alongside her receipts.

Though the initial tweet has been deleted, Cardi B shared another about the event with several pictures of her performance.

“Last night performing for the best bank in America….PERFORMING IS MY PASSION…..#lovewhatyoudo,” she wrote.

Cardi’s clap back comes weeks after the former reality star snagged two new Recording Industry Association of America certifications — one for her 2017 debut hit “Bodak Yellow” and another for her 2018 dance track “I Like It,” Complex reports.