Thief steals car, goes shopping, returns car

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Thief steals car, goes shopping, returns car

Police in Denver are searching for an unusual thief who they say stole a car, went on a shopping spree, and then returned the vehicle to the same parking spot.

The victim, Jim Kemeny, says his keys and wallet were stolen last week from West Wash Park Fitness, where he works as a personal trainer. When he went out to the gym's parking garage, he saw his Hyundai was gone and reported it to police.

According to Kemeny, the thief used his credit cards, charging $484.15 at Best Buy, then stopped for lunch at Subway.

"I guess he was a little hungry as well," Kemeny told CBS Denver.

But on Monday, Kemeny found the car returned to parking garage — in the same exact same parking spot.

"I was a little freaked out by it," he said.

The car was open. Inside, Kemeny found his keys in the middle of the seat, a parking ticket and  —  astonishingly — a business card of the apparent burglar's parole officer.

Denver police told CBS it is the first time they can recall someone stealing and then voluntarily returning a car.

So was the thief who returned the car being "nice"?

"I don’t think so," Kemeny said.