‘A car is not worth anybody’s life’: Woman robbed at gunpoint outside Sumner Winco shares story

Sumner police are looking for two men they said assaulted a woman at gunpoint and stole her car. Police said the men also shot at people trying to help the woman, injuring one person. The horrifying encounter happened in the Winco Foods parking lot on November 20 and most of the encounter was caught on camera.

Police said two men approached the woman as she was walking toward the entrance of the store and asked her for money.

“When I went to hand them the quarters, he grabbed my hand, pulled me towards him, took a gun out of his pocket and said ‘gimme your keys,’” Lydia Vasquez, the victim, said.

Surveillance video from the store shows most of the struggle from a distance. Police even shared photos of the two suspects sitting on electric shopping carts inside the store. Vazquez said not only did these guys grab her purse, but they also demanded her keys. She said the two became more aggressive with her when she told them the keys were in her car.

“‘Well, if you are not going to give us the keys, you’re coming with us then’,” Vazquez said a suspect told her.

She said the encounter caught the attention of everybody and multiple people stepped in and tried to help, but that’s when she and police said things quickly escalated. Police said one of the suspects pulled out a gun and opened fire at both cars trying to stop them.

“When I turned, I saw the taller kid with the gun…he must’ve kicked the door or something. But he must’ve shot the door,” Vazquez said.

Police said a bullet ricocheted off a car door and hit one of the people trying to help in the face. Police said that the person sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

“I just kind of squatted down and put my hands over my ears because my ears are ringing from the gunshot,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez said police found her Honda CRV a few days later at a 7-Eleven in Tacoma. She said there is some damage to her fog light and back bumper, but she is thankful to have her car back.

“I am still shocked and amazed that it drives,” Vazquez said.

But she said she’s even more thankful for how the community rallied around her during her time of need.

“A lot of people really….really keep their eyes open and will step in for people,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez said this situation has made her more careful and plans to not shop alone for some time. If you have any information, give Sumner Police a call.