Car belonging to missing Ohio family has been recovered

The car belonging to a young Ohio mother who, along with her children, disappeared in 2002, has been recovered, reigniting the cold case.

The vehicle in which Stephanie Van Nguyen, and her children, then-4-year-old Kristina and then-3-year-old John, were last found, was found in Aurora, Indiana on Wednesday, the Delhi Township Police Department said Friday on Facebook.

Nguyen was 26 when she and her kids went missing in April 2002, after police say she “left a note that she was going to drive into the Ohio River.”

Aurora sits about 25 miles southwest of Delhi, which is located right outside Cincinnati.

“A lengthy investigation began, however, the case went cold,” Delhi Township Police said in the statement.

Delhi Police credited the recovery to advancements in side scan sonar technology, according to the statement. The recovery was made after six months of the teams searching the Ohio River.

Indiana State Police and Delhi Police are now working together to determine whether the family was in the vehicle.

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