A Capitol riot suspect told a judge he refuses to wear masks because it 'stresses me out,' according to reports

  • A federal judge on Friday threatened to jail a Capitol riot suspect for refusing to wear a mask, according to reports.

  • Daniel Goodwyn tried to chew up a mask FBI agents placed on him during his initial arrest, prosecutors said.

  • Goodwyn told the judge he can't wear the mask because "it stresses me out," HuffPost and Newsweek reported.

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A federal judge in a fiery court hearing Friday afternoon threatened to lock up a suspected Capitol rioter if he continued to refuse to wear a mask when meeting with pre-trial services officers, according to reports.

Daniel Goodwyn faces multiple federal charges for disorderly conduct and entering the US Capitol, and one felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding. Prosecutors have already sought to revoke his pre-trial release, calling his behavior "petulant and insolent."

Judge Reggie Walton grew irate Friday when Goodwyn repeatedly refused to agree to don a mask during visits to his home by pre-trial services, HuffPost reported. Walton accused Goodwyn of putting lives at risk by refusing to do so.

"We have a virus that is killing people," Walton said, as quoted by HuffPost. "Why is it so hard to wear a mask?"

Goodwyn responded, "It stresses me out."

Goodwyn also reportedly told the judge he doesn't believe masks reduce the spread of COVID-19, prompting Walton to ask rhetorically where Goodwyn received his medical degree.

Goodwyn's lawyer, Daniel Hull, told the court that he believed his client had autism and felt it was "torture" for Goodwyn to wear a mask, Newsweek reported.

Though Walton had been threatening to issue a warrant for Goodwyn's arrest, he held off on Friday, asking Hull to provide written documentation for an autism diagnosis, according to Newsweek.

Prosecutors alleged in recent court documents that Goodwyn tried to chew through a mask the FBI made him wear during his January arrest. They also said the FBI had to use five masks on Goodwyn during the arrest.

At one point during Friday's hearing, Walton also tried to repudiate Hull for insulting a pre-trial services officer in an email.

"You say you've been a lawyer for 40 years, but you called her arrogant and prissy," Walton said, as quoted by Inner City Press. "Why did you send this email?"

Hull responded, "I think she is."

When reached by phone, Hull declined to comment to Insider on the record.

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