Cape Coral police announce arrest of suspect in 2022 murder

Cape Coral Police Chief Anthony Sizemore on Friday announced the arrest of Maron Mark Raymon, 51, of Cape Coral, linked to a March 11 antisemitic attack. Sizemore had discussed the case during a March 14 press conference.

The murder of a Cape Coral man gone "under the radar" led officers to the arrest of a Kentucky man out-of-state.

Cape Coral Police Chief Anthony Sizemore on Tuesday announced the arrest of Eduardo Ramon Troche-Rodriguez, 31, in Lexington, Kentucky.

During a Tuesday morning press conference, Sizemore said the murder of Fernando Batista Montero happened June 4 in the 1800 block of Southwest Terrace.

When officers arrived to reports of gunshots, they located a 41-year-old man, later identified as Montero, dead in the driveway, Sizemore said.

Sizemore said the Major Crimes Unit quickly learned that both suspects traveled to Cape Coral to commit the crime.

"This is a strange one because it really flew under the radar," Sizemore said.

Sizemore said that after "countless hours" of investigation, they established probable cause for the first shooter, Jose Alberdi Maldonado, 22, of Lexington, Kentucky, arrested July 15, on robbery and second-degree murder charges.

Palm Beach County deputies arrested Maldonado on July 13, 2022, and transferred him to Lee County Jail two days later.

Jail records indicate he remains in custody without bond.

They located Maldonado roughly a month after the shooting, Sizemore said.

"But our investigation wasn't done," Sizemore said. "At that point, we still had a second shooter that was only identified by a nickname."

Sizemore said that "by fortune," last week, they caught a break in the case and located Troche-Rodriguez.

"Last week late at the drop of a hat, our two detectives here for Major Crimes boarded an airplane and flew to Cincinnati," Sizemore said. They drove to Lexington where they met with the Lexington Police Department and their peers."

Sizemore said State Attorney Amira Fox and her office are now handling the case.

They arrested Troche-Rodriguez for second-degree murder, Sizemore said. He's awaiting extradition to Lee County.

Sizemore said he met with Batista Montero's family on Tuesday.

"And it was a bittersweet meeting," he said. "There were tears obviously ... Their loved one is still gone. And the talented investigators and all the hard work that was put in cannot bring them back. But what we can deliver is a little bit of peace. A little bit of closure."

Sizemore said the family told him that they are now just able to finally get a decent night's sleep.

"They were very concerned two murderers out in the community ... Out in the United States ... Free after their despicable act," Sizemore said.

Maldonado, represented by his attorney Marc Zee, is next due in court March 21 for a case management conference.

Fleeing does't mean the end for Cape Coral police

"I can tell you in the walls of this building, it's a big case," Sizemore said of Troche-Rodriguez's arrest. "And it was front page news for us."

As far as whether it's the biggest case in recent memory, Sizemore said he doesn't rank cases that way, but added it's a major murder case.

"There's different degrees of it, different reasons for it, but it's taking over human life," Sizemore said. "And we take it as higher priority as you can."

Sizemore said Troche-Rodriguez's arrest made him think 10 years back.

"We had a individual who murdered his grandfather and fled," Sizemore said, adding they found him hiding in a homeless shelter in Chicago.

"What this case will show you know ... What I hope it shows the community, is that we won't stop," he said. "No borders, no boundaries are going to contain us hunting for justice."

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