Cape Cod Times Needy Fund: Displaced renter with COVID-19 helped with new rental expenses

An older woman who suffers from long-term COVID-19 found herself in need of housing — and fast.

She had lived in a year-round rental for over a decade, and had to move out because of the sale of the house.

But the housing crisis on the Cape and Islands is dire. So when you’re on a fixed income and no longer able to work, coming up with the money for the first month rent, the last month rent and a security deposit seems impossible.

It was nearly impossible.

But with the collaboration of community agencies and the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund, the woman was provided with the assistance needed so she would not lose the opportunity to move into a new home. These collaborations strengthen the impact that the Needy Fund and other community organizations can make, allowing individuals who need assistance to benefit from a comprehensive network of support beyond their immediate need.

What is the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund?

The nonprofit Cape Cod Times Needy Fund has provided emergency financial assistance to thousands of Cape Codders and Islanders since 1936. That assistance is made possible because of the continued generosity of neighbors helping neighbors.

The Needy Fund provides short-term emergency assistance to Cape and Islands residents so they can continue to go to work and/or stay in their homes. People in need submit their requests for help to the Needy Fund, which in turn pays for the goods or services — a medical bill, for example — through a voucher system. No cash is given to Needy Fund recipients.

On July 2, the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund kicked off its summer fundraising appeal, with the goal of raising $225,000 between now and Aug. 25.

How to donate to the Needy Fund

Donations, which are tax-deductible, may be made online at

Checks payable to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund should be mailed to Cape Cod Times Needy Fund, P.O. Box 36, Hyannis, MA 02601.

How to get Needy Fund assistance

Those needing assistance may contact the Needy Fund at 508-778-5661 or 800-422-1446.

Questions can be emailed to The Needy Fund is also on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NeedyFund).

Total contributions to date: $56,510.15

Daniel and Terese Heintzelman; $10,000


Linda M. Fennell;$3,500

E. Lee Drinane;$2,500

John and Elaine Brouillard;$2,000

Thomas and Elysia Gudas;$1,000

Anne Pickart;$1,000

Robert Lingeman;$1,000

Richard Patton;$1,000

Sally Digges and Jim Arnold;$1,000

William J. and Maryann M. Christie;$1,000

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Nelson,Sr.;$565

Mary Ann King;$500

Mary M. Wells;$500

James and Jeanne Longo;$500

Sarah A. Rothermel;$500

Sara J. Porter;$500

Kevin and Mary Jones;$500

Margaret Huskins;$500

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Tratt;$500

In memory of my husband, Ed Oberlander;$500

Marcia Dalbey and Joanne Verlinden;$500

My Generation Energy;$500

Harold Foster;$300

Paul and Amy Greeley;$300

Dennis and Catherine Berkey;$250

Philip and Jill Nehro;$250

Keith Lemire;$250

K.George and Carolann S. Najarian;$250

Dorothy Smith;$250


Carl and Barbara Omohundro;$200

Steven and Elizabeth Robbins;$200

Edward Heylin;$200

Elizabeth and William Hearn;$200

Brian and Susan Abbott;$200

Sandra Engels;$200

L. Michael and V. June Hager;$200

David and Barbara Webb;$200

Kenneth F. Cadran;$200

Raymon Archacki;$200

Joan and William Simpson;$200

In memory of Lisa Blickens;$200

Ruben and Anne Deveau;$100

Robert and Joan McLellan;$25


Francis and Faith Ziino;$25

Leo Convery;$100

Claudette Moses;$50

Peter and Karen Vergoni;$50

Maureen Keaveney;$50

Ellen M. Evans;$100

Joan Burke;$100

Jocelyn Croft;$25

In memory of Shaun and Ryan Marshall;$150

William and Marguerite Dalton;$100

Art and Joan Cornell;$100

Gemma Mathews;$100

Carol and Sy Sackler;$100

Elizabeth Roellke;$50

Peter and Barbara Laband;$25

Patricia A. White;$50

Jody Coluccini;$50

James Colleran;$100

My Dad-John Carney;$100

Raymond Weishaupt;$100

Carol Magenau;$100

Carolyn Formalarie;$50


Virginia Howden;$100

Philip and Margaret Read;$150

Matthew Costello;$50

Constance Casey;$25

Joe and Karen Pacheco;$100

In memory of Robert A. Brunell;$30

Jean Crosby;$50

Elizabeth and Henry Larkowski;$50

Mary and Patrick Brophy;$50


Karen and William Goggins;$100

Charles Satkewich;$50

David and Diana Brassard;$75

Mary and Steve Ippolito;$100

Susan Dahm;$25

Jill Zaterka;$100


In loving memory of Anna and Maurice Gauthier;$100

Norman and Constance Weare;$100

Barbara A Collins;$100

James and Barbara Fyfe;$100

In memory of David Alan Petras;$100

Martha Field;$100

Mary E. Hakanson;$100

In memory of the Fusco and LeMaitre Families from Anne and William LeMaitre;$150

Alan and Lois Young;$100

In memory of Jim Lord;$100

In memory of Warren Geer;$100


George and Diana Colley;$25

Richard and Margaret Abisla;$100

Thomas P. Niejadlik;$100

Barbara Hadley;$100

Teddy and Maureen Kontaxis;$50

Karen Lilly;$50

Gregory and Genevieve Desantis;$100

In memory of Chris Foley from Joan and Stephen Foley;$100

The Hartnetts;$50


Charles and Mary McCarthy;$50

Debra J. Pane;$100

Virginia and Wilfred Daigle;$50

Edward Brown;$50

Mary and Brian Hastings;$100

Marjorie and Albert Fengler;$50

Susan and R. Keith Salisbury;$100

In memory of Joseph E. Perna III from Mike and and Joanie Perna;$50

P. Gordon Nelson,Jr.;$100

Marie Paulhus;$50

Lorraine Cambra;$100

Stewart and MJ Pattison;$50

Peter and Helen M. Owens;$25

Carole J. Amore;$100



Constance Tarvis;$100


Joyce and Daniel Botti;$100

Antonio Pinto,Jr.;$25

Rick Walters;$100

John Baptiste;$100

It's better to give than to receive;$150

Denise and Daniel Sesti;$50

Chris & Kristen Boyd;$100

Joseph Hetu;$30

Marvin Hoovis;$100

Thomas and Elizabeth Manning;$25

In memory of Donald L. Gallucci;$30

Carol and David Carlson;$100

Richard and Gwen Brown;$50

Patricia J. Vieira;$100

Dennis and Mary Colbert;$100

Mary Ellen and Sean Curran;$50


In memory of Terry Dooley;$100

Ann Leahy;$100

Carol and Bruce Barnard;$50

Suzanne and John Spears;$50

Mary G. Rodrigues;$100

Gail H. Jamison in memory of Clark Jamison;$150

Margaret S. Cooper;$100

Sandra Rice;$100

Sarah Corcoran;$100

Andre and EJ Sampou;$100

Margaret Furlong;$100

Valerie Taff;$100

Daniel and Frances Disenso;$50


Marianne Durfor;$50

Earl and Joy Shipp;$100


In memory of Don Campbell - you are missed;$70

Robert J. Giannetti;$25


Karen and Francis Sayers;$40

Audrey J. Hannant;$100

Kevin and Heddy Kissling;$103

Paula Degree;$50

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wing;$25

James and Barbara LeClair;$50

Lewis and Maureen Andujar;$50

John D. and Kathleen R. Sullivan;$100

James and Elizabeth Cullen;$100

Byron and Linda Fulcher;$100

Mary M. Connelly;$50

Barbara H. Mullane;$100

James Walsh;$50

In memory of Ellen Leighton Ladd;$100

Kenneth and Caron Welch;$50

J. M. Brennan;$25

Wilson Bartlett;$50

Lorraine Hammond;$50

Stanley and M Theresa Goldstein;$50

Mary L. Taddeo;$100

In memory of Robert Archer;$50

In memory of Jack Jerszyk, Fitchburg; MA;$100

T. Scott Collins;$25


Gerald and Colina Turner;$50

Paul and Janis Donlan;$100

Edward Mahoney;$35

Bonnie Sullivan;$100

Carolyn Weiss;$100

Joan and Richard Carven;$100

Tim Enright;$82.15

William and Diane Coyle;$30

Concetta Morena;$50

Barbara J. Murphy;$40

Joyce E. Noyes;$30

In memory of Bob Regan;$50

In memory of Gail Gil of Eastham;$100

This article originally appeared on Cape Cod Times: Needy Fund and partners help woman with COVID-19 move to new rental