Canopy’s touch-enabled ‘Sensus’ case pushes iPhone gaming to the next level

Raymond Wong
BGR News
Canopy’s touch-enabled ‘Sensus’ case pushes iPhone gaming to the next level

We don’t cover many iPhone cases, but when we do, they’re usually pretty awesome. Canopy’s “Sensus” case isn’t your typical drop-protecting case. The Sensus has capacitive touch sensors built into its back to provide extra finger controls. Basically, the case adds rear touchpad controls just like on Sony’s (SNE) PS Vita. And because the Sensus connects through the iPhone’s dock port, it doesn’t require any additional batteries. Canopy says the Sensus will even enhance common touchscreen tasks because it can free up the display from getting smudged all the time. Is a case with a rear touchpad the perfect solution to iPhone gaming? It could be.

At $59, the Sensus isn’t cheap but if it works as well as Canopy says it does, it could be a give iPhone games a lot more options in terms of button mapping. The only downside is that the Sensus is built for the iPhone 4 and 4S and not the iPhone 5, meaning it doesn’t support the new Lightning connector.

Canopy is currently taking preorders for the Sensus, with products expected to ship in the first quarter of 2013. iPhone 5 owners and fifth-generation iPod touch owners can also sign up to be notified when compatible Sensus cases are ready to launch.


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