Candidate for NC superintendent, Democrat Katie Eddings, answers our questions

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Name: C.R. Katie Eddings

Political party: Democrat

Age as of March 5, 2024: 62

Campaign website and/or social media links:

Current occupation: Public school teacher

Professional experience: 20 years in public education

Education: Master’s in School Administration

What offices have you run for or held before? Have you had any other notable government or civic involvement? None.

What do you think is the biggest issue in North Carolina that you would be able to shape if elected?

Lack of support for public education.

What do you think is or is not working well under the current office holder? If not, how would you change it?

Public education requires a proactive approach with all stakeholders having a seat at the table. Current educational policies that are detrimental were never discussed until it was too late for public school employees to act.

What would you do to strengthen public schools?

Full transparency, and the state’s Department of Public Instruction would be the place for teachers, not a place viewed as working against teachers. Utilize senior teachers and retirees to help with recruitment and retention.

How would you help schools make up for students’ learning losses during the pandemic?

First, let’s stop blaming COVID. Those students that fell behind minimally during COVID have caught up and are growing academically. Students who are behind and not progressing were behind before COVID. We need to find how to reach them and work to grow them academically.

What role, if any, should schools play in promoting diversity and equity?

We must give every student a reasonable chance at success. Equity and fairness must be part of the culture of public education.

What should be done to address staff vacancies in your agency?

Vacancies are at the district level, and we all must work to get teachers in every classroom.

Is there an issue on which you disagree with your party? What is your position on that issue?