Canadian man writes his own hilarious obituary


Normally obituaries paint a solemn take on a person's life with little flair or humor. Not Angus Brian MacDonald's.

After a fruitful life, the Canadian man passed away Friday, but instead of allowing a talented obituary writer to craft his memoriam, MacDonald wrote his own candid eulogy.

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"So, the world doesn't have Angus MacDonald to kick around anymore. I'm gone! The devil finally called my name. The grim reaper came for me on Friday," the post reads. 

After stating his family left behind, MacDonald wrote, "So anyway, I think I was a pretty nice guy, despite being a former punk and despite what some people would say about me. What did they know about me anyway?"

The obituary goes on to thank his family for sticking by his side through good and bad, his beloved pets and numerous medical professionals who aided him through the last years of his life. 

At the end of an obituary is where service and funeral information is typically placed — this one is a little different.

"I don't want a funeral, MacDonald wrote.  "A funeral is a waste of harrrrrrd earned and harrrrrrd saved money that my family can use now. I was a very private person in life, so I don't want to end that life with people gawking at me while I lay in a coffin. I'm being cremated and my ashes are being scattered (somewhere)."

The comment section of the obituary is filled with positive comments, some from people who did not know MacDonald, but were moved by his writing. 

MacDonald also stated in his obituary that donations can be made in his honor to the Palliative Care Unit at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.