Canadian aid groups say UN Syrian refugee appeal needed to counter winter threat

The Canadian Press
Associated Press

OTTAWA - Aid workers in Canada are hoping their fellow citizens respond generously to a new $1-billion emergency appeal from the United Nations to help Syrian refugees.

Many of the refugees, numbering more than 500,000, are women and children who have fled to countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and even northern Iraq.

The refugees also face the prospect of a frigid winter in those countries, where most live in unheated dwellings.

Reports by international aid agencies say conditions are taking their toll on children, who aren't getting enough warm clothing and can't even bathe in their sub-zero surroundings.

Nicolas Moyer, the executive director of the Humanitarian Coalition, which includes the agencies CARE, Oxfam, Plan and Save The Children, says he hopes Canadians give generously.

Dave Toycen, president of World Vision Canada, says the crisis could get even worse if people don't respond now.