For a Campaign Contribution, You Can Go to a Justin Bieber Concert with Senator Vitter

Chris Frates

Wow, talk about a veteran parenting move.

Republican Sen. David Vitter is taking his kids to this summer’s Justin Bieber concert and turning it into a campaign fundraiser.

Campaign donors are invited to join Vitter, his two teenage daughters, and his 11-year-old son at the Aug. 2 show, according to the invitation. The chance to experience Biebermania in a suite at the Verizon Center is billed as “a family night.” (Though it looks like Vitter got the date wrong. Bieber hits D.C. Aug. 3.)

So maybe Washington’s lobbyists will follow Vitter’s lead and mix business and family. For only $1,000 per person or PAC, you can become a Belieber too.