Cambridge becomes the 1st US city to require stickers warning the threat of climate change at gas pumps

cambridge massachusetts
A view of Harvard's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Richard T. Nowitz/Getty Images

Cambridge, Massachusetts, will require area gas pumps to post stickers warning of the harms of climate change, becoming the first US city to implement such a mandate, The Guardian reported.

The Guardian reported Friday Cambridge will require all gas pumps in the city to display bright, yellow stickers that say "burning gasoline, diesel, and ethanol has major consequences on human health and the environment including contributing to climate change."

The stickers are intended to "remind drivers to think about climate change and hopefully consider non-polluting options," a city spokesperson told the outlet.

In 2014, California's Berkeley and San Francisco proposed a similar idea to put stickers on gas pumps, but the idea wasn't ultimately put into action.

Reducing gas emissions by taking public transportation or even restricting the amount you step on the gas pedal is a key way to minimize your carbon footprint.

A study published in Scientific Reports earlier this year showed that even if the public worked to stop all greenhouse gas emissions, the world will continue to face climate change and global warming, Business Insider's Aylin Woodward previously reported.

Last year, the US greenhouse gas emissions rate dropped by 2.1%, according to the Rhodium Group, a private economic data firm. Even so, the emissions rate did not see net reductions between 2016 and 2019, according to Rhodium.

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