Cam Newton Stormed Out Of His Postgame Presser After Carolina Fell To 1-5 On The Season

Cam Newton Really Got Benched For The First Drive Of A Game Because He Didn't Wear A Tie

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The Carolina Panthers are in a weird spot right now. The team came into 2016 with high expectations after making it to the Super Bowl last year, but thanks to a mix of injuries and poor play, the team is 1-5 on the year. This kind of thing happens in the NFL, but for a Panthers squad that expected to make it back to the Super Bowl, something like this is not ok.

Sunday was the team’s latest loss, as Carolina fell to the Saints in New Orleans, 41-38. Again, this kind of thing happens – teams go into the Superdome and get out-scored by the Saints all the time – but for Cam Newton, this was the latest frustrating moment in what has been a super frustrating season. His numbers have been slightly down, the team’s record isn’t great, and he’s been banged up, so this year is a far cry from last year’s MVP campaign for Newton.

Those emotions got the best of him after the game when Newton walked out of his postgame press conference during a question. He answered a few questions (although he wasn’t exactly enthusiastic in his responses), but got really upset by two questions: one asking whether he is disappointed right now, and another about how frustrating it is to be on the sidelines and “helpless” while opponents are driving. The helpless question was the last one he heard, as he gave it a “next question” and walked out as a reporter started to ask him something else.

This isn’t new behavior by Newton – he famously ditched his press conference after the Panthers lost in the Super Bowl last year. Newton has always been a dude who wears his emotions on his sleeve for better or worse, and every time he does this, he manages to make a lot of people angry. This is Cam being Cam, and after the highs that the team experienced last season, these lows are almost definitely something he’s having issues handling.

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