Cam Newton apologizes for his role in fight that went viral: ‘Just not called for’

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Cam Newton addressed the fight he was involved in that set social media ablaze for the first time on Friday morning, saying in part that he “could play the victim, but I’m not going to do that.”

On his YouTube show, 4th and 1, Newton took ownership for his role in the scuffle that occurred at a youth football 7-on-7 event last weekend in Atlanta and was viewed millions of times across multiple platforms.

“It’s just not called for,” the former Carolina Panther quarterback and NFL MVP said on the show, a trademarked cigar in hand.

He added, “I could easily play the victim. And I’m not going to do that. I’m going to hold myself to that same standard, to say, ‘Look, everywhere that I go, people talk.’ People say, ‘Yo, why didn’t you jump on the fumble?’ People say, ‘Yo, Von Miller your daddy.’ Or, ‘Yo, Mac Jones took your job.’ Or ‘Hey yo, Brock Purdy is better than you. You’re a free agent.’ That’s normal.”

Newton went on to say that he’s used to playing in sold-out NFL stadiums, with millions more watching across the country, “and I let one person dictate how I feel? No, I can’t do that. But I did that day.”

The quarterback, who was likened to Superman in Carolina for his remarkable athleticism and larger-than-life personality, was at the event because he is the founder of C1N, a sports organization that took part in the tournament. It’s still unclear who initiated the physical altercation, but the viral video shows Newton slinging another person by his backpack to the ground before the fight was broken up.

The Atlanta Police Department released a statement Tuesday saying that “neither Mr. Newton (nor) any of the other involved persons who remained on scene indicated that they required medical attention or wished to pursue criminal charges.”

Police also said that officers completed an information-only incident report and that “it is unknown how or why the scuffle occurred.”

On his show, Newton continued to say that while the fight drew some fodder — among them that his Meshika hat stayed on the entire time — he said it was an important opportunity to spread a message to the young kids who look up to him.

“Don’t be like me, be better than me,” Newton said. “I could easily try to advise a kid, ‘Hey bro, no, don’t do that.’ ... But until you’re in that position, and somebody’s talking s--- to you, it’s hard, it’s tough. But heavy is the crown. To much is given, much is required.”

Newton apologized.

“There’s no excuse,” Newton said. “It could’ve been a melee. More violence could’ve stemmed from that.”