Calmer winds aid fight against Texas wildfire

ANGELA K. BROWN - Associated Press
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Charred appliances and a fireplace are all that remain of a home in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011, the day after a wildfire swept through the area. Some streets were virtually untouched by the fire on Tuesday, with homes fronted by lawns that could double as putting greens, but others were reduced to rows of scorched stone fireplaces and twisted metal frames. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE, Texas (AP) — Texas forestry officials say firefighters are making headway against a wildfire that has destroyed more than three dozen homes and that the blaze is 50 percent contained.

The blaze that started Tuesday in North Texas' Possum Kingdom Lake area had scorched about 6,200 acres by Thursday. Officials say the blaze is not threatening any more homes.

Texas Forest Service spokesman John Nichols says firefighters made progress overnight in their efforts to quell the blaze because the winds were not as strong. He says he expects that progress to continue because of cooler weather and milder winds are expected.

Nichols says residents evacuated from 160 homes on Wednesday were allowed to return home Thursday because the threat had passed.