Suggested names for the new Call of Duty, based on the attention given to the dog in the game at the Xbox One unveiling

Jason Gilbert
Yahoo! News
Call of Duty Dog
The dog from "Call of Duty: Ghosts" (working title).

Call of Doggie
Call of Poochie
Call of Scooby
Call of Snoopy
Ball to Fetchie
Electric Fencie
Bark of Huskie
Drool of Collie
Call of Duty: Black Labs
Call of Duty: Black Lab's Poo
Call of Duty: Whippet at War
Call of Duty: Modern Woof-fare
Call of Duty: The Snarl Collection
Call of Duty: Ghost Dogs
Call of Duty, Based on the Novel "Pup" by Lassie
Call of the Poky Little Puppy
Homeward Bound 2