Call the Midwife cast share details from “haunted” filming location

natalie quarry as rosalind clifford and helen george as trixie franklin riding their bikes in their nurses uniform, call the midwife, season 13
Call the Midwife cast share details of haunted setBBC
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The cast of Call the Midwife have revealed the supernatural encounters they experienced while filming for season 13.

Speaking to Radio Times about production, Megan Cusack (Nancy Corrigan), Helen George (Trixie Aylward) and Rebecca Gethings (Sister Veronica) each explained why they believe the Nonnatus House set is haunted in real-life.

"So we genuinely do think Nonnatus is haunted. Spooky things happen," Cusack said, while Gethings revealed that she often asks someone to accompany her to the loo due to the building's "spooky" nature during the winter months.

She added: "I'm not the only person who feels that way. Helen is pretty obsessed with it as well."

rebecca gethings, call the midwife, season 13
Olly Courtney - BBC

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George went on to share several spooky sightings which have been reported, including "faces in the windows", "a little girl that runs around giggling" and a "lady holding a dog" by Dr Turner's (Stephen McGann) office.

However McGann was quick to clarify that he doesn't believe in the rumours of ghostly presences at Nonnatus House.

"Do I adhere to the rumour that the corridor by Dr Turner's surgery is haunted? No," he added.

Premiering this Sunday (January 7) episode one of season 13 will see student midwives Rosalind Clifford and Joyce Highland head to Nonnatus House for a new scheme which could revolutionise the birthing process.

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The arrival of new students may also cause friction with the older members of staff, which can be seen in an exclusive season 13 clip obtained by Digital Spy.

In the clip, the two young recruits are warned by the nuns not to damage the new wallpaper in their bedroom – something which Joyce is keen to remind Rosalind of when she plans to pin a CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) poster to the wall.

Call the Midwife airs on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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