California Superintendent aims to make personal finance course a graduation requirement

California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond announced his support for Assembly Bill 2927, legislation that would require a personal finance education course for California high school graduation. Thurmond also announced recruitment efforts for a Personal Finance Task Force to inform implementation of personal finance education for K–12 students across the state, especially as a source of economic empowerment for those in marginalized communities. “This effort is fundamentally about empowering our youth and uplifting our communities. Personal finance provides our young people with the tools to understand and improve their own economic situation, and by establishing personal finance as a requirement for California students through Assembly Bill 2927, we would ensure that this powerful opportunity is afforded to all,” said Thurmond. “If our children are equipped with the skills to understand and change their own financial situation, we can help shrink the gender wage gap and build generational wealth in our communities of color as our young people move forward and manage their money, grow their wealth, and understand value when making critical decisions for their own futures and their future families.” Details: