California ballot guide: Key candidates, issues in 2022 midterm election

Early voting in California begins Oct. 10, when San Joaquin County joins counties across the state mailing ballots to all active registered voters. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Before it’s time to cast your ballot, we hope you take a moment to learn about the candidates in the critical 2022 election, when voters will pick a governor, a schools chief and more.

Here you will find candidate guides for races on local, state and federal levels – everything from the governor’s race to state ballot measures on abortion, sports gaming, to the hotly contested Stockton Unified Board of Trustees race.

Below is a partial sample ballot of key races that will have links to local coverage throughout the fall election season:

Key dates | FAQ | Stockton San Joaquin County | State | Federal 

A ballot drop off box is located in front of the San Joaquin County Administration Building on Weber Avenue and San Joaquin Street in downtown Stockton on June 6, 2022.
A ballot drop off box is located in front of the San Joaquin County Administration Building on Weber Avenue and San Joaquin Street in downtown Stockton on June 6, 2022.

Key dates to remember

  • Oct. 10: Counties begin mailing ballots to all active registered voters

  • Oct. 24: Last day to register to vote (conditional registration available through Election Day)

  • Oct. 29: Opening of Voter's Choice Act county vote centers

  • Nov. 8: Election Day; polls open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; last day to vote in person or by mail.

A quick how-to guide: Everything you need to know about voting, registering and tracking your ballot

Voter FAQ

Register: Voters can register to vote or change party affiliation here. You can also pick up a paper application at the county elections office at 44 N. San Joaquin St.

Third Floor, Suite 350, any Department of Motor Vehicles field office, and many post offices, public libraries, and government offices. To have an application mailed to you, call the county elections office at (209) 468-8683 or the Secretary of State’s toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).

Check voter status: Check your voter status at My Voter Status to confirm mailing address and status through Sept. 1.

Track your ballot: Track your vote-by-mail ballot by signing up at to receive text, email, or voice status alerts.

More information: More San Joaquin County FAQs can be found here.

Candidate Q&As: Hear from the candidates at question and answer forums at SJ Delta College

Your questions about the midterms in San Joaquin County, answered

Where do I vote?

Find your polling place by entering your address at

Where can I drop off my ballot?

Starting Oct. 10 through Nov. 8, drop boxes will be available during the location’s business hours. On Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022, ALL ballot drop boxes will be available 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. All ballot drop boxes will be closed and locked at 8 p.m. on election night. For a full list of county ballot drop box locations, click here. 

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Stockton City Council

District 1

  • Michele Padilla, Educator

  • Sol Jobrack, Stockton City Council member

► Q&A with Sol Jobrack, running for reelection to Stockton City Council District 1

Q&A with Michele Padilla, running for election to Stockton City Council District 1

Stockton Unified School District

Trustee Area No. 2 

  • Patrick Martin, Youth Coordinator

  • Angelann Flores, School Board Trustee

  • Xavier Lopez Mountain, Parent/Educator

  • Jose G. Carranza, Parent

  • Melissa Garibay Ortiz, Mother/Homemaker

Trustee Area No. 5

  • Dawn R. Ali, Author

  • Juan M Estrada, Parent/Grandparent

  • Donald Donaire, Nonprofit Program Coordinator

Trustee Area No. 6

  • Rafael Cardoza, Father

  • Sofia Colón, Parent/Health Care Professional

  • Scot McBrian, Teacher/School Trustee

Trustee Area No. 7

  • Zachary Ignacio Avelar, School Board Trustee

  • Kennetha Stevens, Parent Education Consultant

  • Renee Icasiano, Entrepreneur/Business Owner

  • Enrique Serrano, Logistics Specialist

 SUSD candidates AngelAnn Flores, Xavier Mountain debate at The Record

 SUSD candidates Kennetha Stevens and Donald Donaire discuss leadership

► SUSD candidates Sofia Colón and Rafael Cardoza debate at The Record

► What's my local voting district? Enter your address here

Stockton East Water District

Division 2

  • Andrew Watkins, Farmer

Division 5

  • Paul M. Sanguinetti, Farmer

  • Alexis Elizabeth Cueto, Entrepreneur

Division 6

  • Loralee H. Mc Gaughey, Incumbent

Division 7

  • Mary Elizabeth, Educator/Scientist

  • Thomas McGurk, Farmer

Stockton ballot measures

Measure C: Stockton Unified School District Facilities Repair and Improvement Measure

Ballot language: To improve local schools with funds that cannot be taken by the State, shall Stockton Unified School District’s measure to expand career/technical education training facilities including engineering, health care and information technology; repair roofs/plumbing; and improve student safety/classroom security be adopted, authorizing $215 million of bonds with legal rates, projected levies averaging below 5¢/$100 of assessed valuation (averaging $14 million/year for 28 years), annual audits, independent oversight and no increase in current taxes?

► Your voting district may have changed: San Joaquin County has new voting districts for state, congressional offices

San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County Supervisor

District 2

  • Elbert Holman Jr., Retired Criminal Investigator

  • Paul Canepa, Councilmember/Business Owner

Read more: SJ Supervisor candidates Paul Canepa, Elbert Holman debate at The Record

► Q&A with Paul Canepa, running for San Joaquin County Supervisors District 2

► Q&A with Elbert Holman, running for San Joaquin County Supervisors District 2

 Q&A with Steve Ding, running for San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors District 4

► Q&A with Steve Colangelo, running for San Joaquin County Supervisors District 4

 SJ County supervisors candidate Steve Ding discusses issues with The Record

District 4

  • Steven J. Ding, Restaurant Owner/Operator

  • Steve A. Colangelo, Small Business Owner


Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 1

  • Antonino J. Agbayani

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 2

  • Robin Appel

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 3

  • Blanca Adela Bauñelos

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 5

  • Elizabeth Humphreys

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 5

  • Lance Jacot

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 7

  • Jayne Chong-Soon Lee

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 8

  • Xapuri Villapudua

San Joaquin Delta Community College District

Trustee Area 3

  • Janet Ann Rivera, Incumbent

  • Grant Gilson, Entrepreneur/Community Director

Trustee Area 4

  • Charles R. Jennings, Incumbent

Trustee Area 7

  • Catherine Mathis, Physician

Lincoln Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Kathryn Oberholtzer, Bakery/Deli Clerk

  • Tony Mannor, Business Owner/Educator

  • Shoua Lo, Engineer/Business Owner

  • Allyson Aranda, Parent/Software Developer

Trustee Area 3

  • Tivoli Walker, Nonprofit Policy Director

Trustee Area 5

  • Bonnie Centers, Small Business Owner

  • Motecuzoma Patrick Sánchez, Educational Director/Entrepreneur

Manteca Unified School District

Trustee Area 2

  • Brandy Perkins, Mother/Engineer

  • Kathy Howe, School Board Trustee

Trustee Area 4

  • Marie Freitas, Manteca Unified School District Trustee

Trustee Area 5

  • Cathy Pope-Gotschall, Incumbent

Trustee Area 6

  • Stephen J. Schluer, Police Captain

Linden Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Melissa M. Cheney, Small Business Owner

  • Rebecca Hall, Associate Superintendent

Trustee Area 2 Short Term

  • Marla Sousa Livengood, Trustee/Parent

Trustee Area 3 Short Term

  • Marlene Von Berg, Appointed Incumbent

Trustee Area 4

  • Mark C. Jones, Retired Deputy Sheriff

  • Jennifer Trotter, Mother

  • Cathleen Corradi Olson, Parent/Irrigation Specialist

Trustee Area 5

  • Eric J. Nims, Incumbent

Lodi Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Susan MacFarlane, Business Owner

Trustee Area 3

  • Samantha Osborne, Parent

  • Katherine King, Parent

  • Erich K. Myers, Teacher

  • Sherry Alexander, Retired Teacher

Trustee Area 4

  • Courtney Porter, Teacher/Coach/Father

  • Jeremy Duncan, Businessman/Parent

  • Mark Scrivens, Social Service Worker

Trustee Area 5

  • Deanne Barth, Finance Manager/Parent

  • Jeff Stroh, Retired Teacher

Ripon Unified School District

Trustee Area 1

  • Jason Winter, Parent/Business Owner

  • Joe Franscella, Businessman/Parent

Trustee Area 2

  • Vince Hobbs, Incumbent

Trustee Area 3

  • Christopher "Kit" Oase, Appointed Incumbent

  • Tiffany Treece, Health Care Recruiter

  • Timothy O Mathews, Nonprofit Director

Lammersville Joint Unified School District

  • Vanitha Daniel, Appointed Incumbent

  • Colin Nelson, Clements Incumbent

  • Arjun Juturu, Small Business Owner

Lammersville Joint USD Short Term

  • Lisa Boulais, Appointed Incumbent

  • Harmeet Gill, Agricultural/Scientist/Father

  • Jasjeet Kaur, Doctor/Parent

Tracy Unified School District

  • Olinga Yarber-Alexander, Education Chairperson

  • R.G. Fagin, Retired Education Administrator

  • Anthony Villalobos, Forklift Operator

  • Stephen Abercrombie, Incumbent

  • Navi Kahlon, Engineer

  • Brandi Hoffert, Mother

  • Jeremy Silcox, Financial Adviser

  • Carrie Grover, Nonprofit Director

Jefferson Elementary School District

  • Soyeb M. Palya, Business Analyst

  • Brian Jackman Jefferson, Board Member

  • Todd Wetherell, No Ballot Designation

New Jerusalem Elementary School District

Trustee Area 2

  • Angela Reece, Appointed Incumbent

Trustee Area 3

  • William M. Koster, Incumbent

New Hope Elementary School District

  • Jose L Torres, No Ballot Designation

Oak View Union Elementary School District

  • Mark Huft, Incumbent

  • Dustin E. McDonald, Incumbent

  • Zachary Taylor, Farmer

  • Cody Brum, Incumbent

  • Jordan Pinasco, Father/Firefighter

City of Manteca

Manteca Mayor

  • Gary Singh, Manteca Businessman/Councilmember

  • Lei Ann Larson, Parent

  • Benjamin Cantu, Mayor/ Manteca Businessman

Manteca City Council District 3

  • David Breitenbucher, Manteca City Councilmember

Manteca City Council District 4

  • Mike Morowit, Manteca Small Businessman

  • Nancy Watson, No Ballot Designation

City of Lodi

Lodi City Council District 1

  • Alan Nakanishi, Physician/Councilmember

Lodi City Council District 2

  • Summer Pennino, Self-Employed Businesswoman

  • Hector Galvan, Homemaker

  • Lisa Craig, Small Business Owner

  • Sandra Vargas, Chief Executive Officer

Lodi City Council District 3

  • Cameron Bregman, Business Owner

  • Doug Kuehne, Council Member

  • Rita Mashni, Mental Health Counselor

City of Tracy

Tracy Mayor

  • Nancy D. Young, Tracy Mayor/Businesswoman

  • Mateo Bedolla, Construction Manager/Councilmember

  • Eleassia Davis, Councilmember/Business Owner

Tracy City Council

  • Dan Arriola, Deputy District Attorney

  • Amrik Wander, Engineer/Small Businessowner

  • Alice English, Homemaker

  • Dan Evans, Project Manager/Father

  • William Muetzenberg, Nonprofit Program Manager

  • Wes Huffman, Retired Teacher

  • Ameni Alexander, Tracy Unified School Board Trustee

City of Ripon

Ripon City Council

  • Michael Restuccia, Incumbent

  • Dean David Uecker, Local Businessman

  • Tamra Spade, Business Owner

Ripon City Council Short Term

  • Gary Barton, City of Ripon Councilmember

City of Lathrop


  • John Thanh Do, Health Care Accountant

  • Sonny Dhaliwal, City of Lathrop Mayor

Lathrop City Council

  • Paul O. Akinjo, No Ballot Designation

  • Diane Lazard, City of Lathrop Council Member

  • Christina Campoy-Laughlin, Parent/Consultant/Recruiter

Lockeford Community Services District

  • Dennis W. Martin, Retired Drafter

  • Nina Chandler, Incumbent

  • Gary L. Gordon, Incumbent

Lockeford Community Services District Short Term

  • Matt Disko, Entrepreneur

  • Suresh Vuyyuru, Engineer/Parent

Mountain House Community Services District

  • Asif Mohammed, Software Engineer

  • Umar J Sear, Product Manager

  • Manuel "Manny" Moreno, Incumbent

  • Ronna Green, Business Owner

Woodbridge Rural County Fire Protection District

  • Thomas Alexander, Incumbent

  • Terry Wells-Brown, Author/Business Owner

  • Richard "Rick" Gerlack, Incumbent

  • Loren W. Moore Jr., Incumbent

South San Joaquin Irrigation District

Division 1

  • David L. Roos, Farmer

  • Robert "Bob" Holmes, Incumbent

Division 2

  • Glenn Spyksma, Appointed Incumbent



  • Gavin Newsom, Incumbent, Democratic Governor of California

  • Brian Dahle, Republican

Lieutenant Governor

  • Eleni Kounalakis, Incumbent, Democratic Lieutenant Governor

  • Angela E. Underwood, Jacobs Republican Businesswoman/Deputy Mayor

Secretary of State

  • Shirley N. Weber, Democratic Appointed California Secretary of State

  • Rob Bernosky, Republican Chief Financial Officer


  • Malia M. Cohen, Democratic California State Board of Equalization Member

  • Lanhee J. Chen, Republican Fiscal Advisor/Educator


  • Fiona Ma, Incumbent, Democratic State Treasurer/Cpa

  • Jack M. Guerrero, Republican Councilmember/Cpa/Economist

Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Lance Ray Christensen, Non-Partisan Education Policy Executive

  • Tony K. Thurmond, Incumbent, Non-Partisan Superintendent of Public Instruction

Board of Equalization

District 1

  • Jose S. Altamirano, Democratic Business Operations Manager

  • Ted Gaines, Republican Board of Equalization Member

District 2

  • Sally J. Lieber, Democratic Councilwoman/Environmental Advocate

  • Peter Coe, Verbica Republican Investment Advisor

District 3

  • Tony Vazquez, Democratic Board of Equalization, Member

  • Y. Marie Manvel No Party Preference Social Services Commissioner

District 4

  • David Dodson, Democratic State Board Supervisor

  • Mike Schaefer, Democratic Member, State Board of Equalization, 4th District

State Assembly Member District 13

  • Veronica Vargas, Democratic Vice-Mayor/Business Owner

  • Carlos Villapudua, Democratic State Assemblymember/Businessman

► Q&A with Veronica Vargas, running for election to California Assembly District 13

Supreme Court - For all 58 California counties

Chief Justice

  • Patricia Guerrero

Associate Justice

  • Goodwin Liu

  • Martin J. Jenkins

  • Joshua P. Groban

Court of Appeal – Third Appellate District

Associate Justice

  • Stacy Boulware Eurie

  • Laurie M. Earl

  • Harry Hull

  • Peter Krause

What else is on the ballot?

 Proposition 1

Proposition 26

Should sports betting be legalized?: What happens if Californians pass two sports betting initiatives?

What's on your ballot?: A complete guide to California propositions for the 2022 election

Proposition 27

Proposition 28

Proposition 29

Proposition 30

Proposition 31


United States Senator (Full Term)

  • Alex Padilla, Democratic Appointed United States Senator

  • Mark P. Meuser, Republican Constitutional Attorney

United States Senator (Partial/Unexpired Term)

  • Alex Padilla, Democratic Appointed United States Senator

  • Mark P. Meuser, Republican Constitutional Attorney

United States Representative District 9

  • Josh Harder, Democratic Father/Agriculture Committeeman

  • Tom Patti, Republican County Supervisor/Businessman

Watch: Democrat seeking to win in a new district vs Republican county supervisor seeking higher office

Up close and personal: Fact checking Josh Harder and Tom Patti

► See the full candidate roster: 

SJ Candidate Roster by West Hub on Scribd

This article originally appeared on The Record: Election 2022: Guide to Stockton, San Joaquin County races