Caldwell Zoo to observe animals behavior during total solar eclipse

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – As the total solar eclipse creeps closer, the Caldwell Zoo is gearing up to watch how the animals will be affected.

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“There’s not a whole lot of evidence to be able to really understand what it is they’re experiencing,” Tori Scarber, curator of animal behavior and welfare for the Caldwell Zoo, said.

Scarber said scientists in 2017 studied different species at a South Carolina zoo and found several acted unusually. However, Scarber said she does not think the two minutes of darkness will have an impact.

“They might get a little restless, they may go towards their thinking that it’s time to go inside, but I don’t think it’s going to be long enough to really spark that nighttime behavior,” Scarber said.

According to the National Library of Medicine, giraffes, baboons and flamingos experienced an anxiety response to a total solar eclipse.

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“Our giraffes here at the East Texas zoo, we see them active pretty regularly, even on sunny days, so I’ll be curious to see how they act that way, and when that happens,” Scarber said.

The Caldwell Zoo said although they are not expecting scientists during the eclipse, their staff will be watching the animals closely.

“We’re just going to have it, as our keepers that know our animals the best is what it is that they are seeing and the observations and the behavioral changes,” Scarber said.

Scarber said she is interested to see exactly how totality affects the zoo animals in a few weeks. Caldwell Zoo will be open for the total solar eclipse and said anyone interested in observing the animals are welcome to attend their event.

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