Cable News Chyrons Tell The Bizarre Story Of Trump's First Year In Office

Donald Trump has officially completed one full year as president, and holy moly what a year it’s been. You probably don’t even remember how much stuff really happened in the last year because mentally it’s felt like 20.

There are things we never imagined could happen during an American presidency. Remember “covfefe,” or when Trump indirectly called a nuclear weapon-wielding foreign dictator “short and fat,” or when Melania swatted his hand away, or when it was reported that the president needed daily briefings with a lot of pictures?

There’s no better indicator of the bizarre day-to-day developments of President Trump’s first year in office than reading the wonderful chyrons, the headline captions you see at the bottom of your screen during a news broadcast.

So rather than attempt to describe the past year, we picked out some of the best chyrons to illustrate just what a Twilight Zone-esque 365 days we’ve had.

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