So, Are You Buying PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One?

So, Are You Buying PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One?

Now that we know all the specs about Microsoft and Sony's new video-game-and-lots-of-other-stuff consoles, it's time to settle this war before it gets any uglier: Which system is better when they're put side-by-side in an early test of living-room supremacy? Let's break it down, based on information gleaned from the many reactions that surfaced after the PlayStation 4 reveal last night at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. 

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Indeed, Monday's opening day of the annual gaming expo was a chance for the big reveal on both Microsoft's new Xbox One and Sony's PS4 — after initial previews that came out earlier this year, it's never too early to woo casual and hardcore gamers alike. And these systems have moved on from courting just the gamer set — Nintendo Wii proved once again you could win consumers over with easy-to-use interfaces and games that appeal to your grandmother — to the entire family living room, long a goal of both companies but now within reach with advances in motion control, voice recognition, and, you know, the Internet. So, with that in mind, we won't bring up the nerdy Final Fantasy or Call of Duty news in this space. Let's just figure out which of these super-consoles you and yours might prefer come their near-simultaneous release this holiday season.

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PS4: $399

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Xbox One: $499

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Advantage: PS4

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Which One Is the Prettiest?

PS4 (above at right): Looks like a slanted VCR.

Xbox One (above at left): Looks like a regular VCR.


Can It Play Used Games?

PS4: Yes, without restriction. 

Xbox One: Sort of. Some games will come with a one-time registration code making re-sale impossible. 

Advantage: PS4

Does It Require an Internet Connection? 

PS4: No.

Xbox One: Yes. The Xbox One must connect to the Internet at least once per day. 

Advantage: PS4

Can It Netflix?

PS4: Yes.

Xbox One: Yes.

Advantage: Push

What About My Blu-Ray Collection? 

PS4: Yes.

Xbox One: Yes.

Advantage: Push

What About Those Rip-off Wii Motion Sensors?

PS4: The PS-Eye is sold separately for $60

Xbox One: The Xbox Kinect comes stock with the system.

Advantage: PS4, because at the end of the day it's still cheaper to buy the Eye separately. 

Which One Can I Yell at to Order a Pizza?

PS4: Doesn't have voice control capabilities. 

Xbox One: Has strange and unusual voice control capabilities. 

Advantage: Xbox One

So, yeah, this one isn't even close. Personally, I think Kotaku said it best: "Sony Just Smacked The Xbox One In The Mouth." There is little doubt among the gamer set about which system will be flying off shelves when both debut later this year. Why do you think is already winning the Amazon pre-order war? Sony's Playstation 4 is cheaper, stronger, and looks nicer on your television stand. But then again, maybe the gamer set doesn't get to decided this one, right?