Do You Buy Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Situation?

Esther Zuckerman

Yesterday we wrote about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's attempt to promote his directorial debut, which he also wrote, in character on Twitter. His Twitter persona as porn-addicted Jersey guy Jon Martello seemed strained. Now we have the trailer to see if he can pull off the persona on screen. 

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The idea behind the movie is that Gordon-Levitt plays Jon, a Situation-type who only cares about his "body:"

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His "pad:"

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His "ride:"

His "family," which includes Tony Danza as his father: 

His "church:"

His "boys:"

His "girls:"

And finally his "porn." That porn will become a problem when he starts dating Scarlett Johansson's character, who takes selfies. 

Johansson, who is doing her take on Mona Lisa Vito, loves romantic comedies, and the two go to see one starring Anne Hathaway and Channing Tatum in cameos. 

The parallels between the sexual fantasies involved in porn and the romantic fantasies involved in rom-coms will obviously be one of this movie's talking points. 

Some of the critics at Sundance wavered on the film, kind of encapsulating how we feel. Somehow we don't totally buy the indie cuteness of Gordon-Levitt and indie sultriness of Johansson in these roles. Watch the full trailer.