How To Buy Followers on Instagram, Likes, and Views? Best 6 Sites

As the Instagram influencer industry becomes more and more saturated, it’s also become significantly difficult for newcomers to establish a decent following. In fact, regardless of the platform, expect a plethora of influencers already dominating the feeds with overwhelming engagement.

Still, not all hope is lost.

If you have what it takes to create engaging types of content, it’s possible for you to climb up the ranks. It will also help your marketing strategy if you include the use of a growth service to expedite the process of solidifying your social media presence.

How To Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views

With 1.28 billion active users every month, Instagram is one of the go-to platforms for influencers. This number is only expected to rise, so the time to join the race is now. If you’re considering IG to promote your brand, let’s look at some growth companies you can work with.


Having a sizable online presence is one of the requirements to achieve marketing success in today’s digital era. Unfortunately, it would take more than a few viral posts to launch your brand into prominence. could help you grow your account efficiently. By providing real followers and engagement, you will have more chances to gain real, organic growth.

Within minutes after buying Instagram followers or engagement, you will immediately see results. You may take advantage of’s refund policy if your order doesn’t reflect on your account.

The website works by engaging content made by others on your behalf. This way, you will get exposure via notifications or when your account appears in their comments or views. After some time, you’d be able to establish your target audience and social proof organically.

Once you consider as your growth service provider, you may choose from high-quality or premium packages, which both have affordable rates.

The base offer to buy Instagram followers is $2.97 for 100 followers. To buy Instagram likes, you will receive 50 for as low as $1.47. You may buy Instagram views for $1.99, which will provide you with 500 views. These prices are for high-quality packages, but if you are willing to spend more, you may opt for the premium plans.


One of the most reliable websites to buy followers on Instagram is Many aspiring influencers and brands have found success thanks to its high-quality services. It even offers growth tools like Instagram Downloader and Follower Stats.

As a growth service provider, goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. Its customer-focused business model allows the company to provide high-quality followers, views, and likes.

Quick delivery is one of the primary advantages of the site over others. You will find that delivers results within 10 or fewer minutes after the order is completed. Its system stores your order properly to ensure the numbers purchased appear on the account. If not, the site promises to remedy the issue for optimal results.

Since only provides high-quality followers, you won’t lose your order over time. Still, the company suggests monitoring the account regularly to maintain the numbers. You may contact its customer service anytime if your account experiences a drop.

If you have social media accounts from other platforms, you may also check’s other growth services. Aside from Instagram, it supports TikTok, Facebook, Spotify, Twitch, and SoundCloud. has affordable follower packages. You may buy Instagram followers for $2.89, which will get you 100 followers. If you were to buy Instagram likes from the site, the starting price is $1.39 for 50 likes. The lowest number of views you may purchase is 500, currently priced at $1.99.


If you’re looking for an Instagram-focused growth service that doesn’t rely on bot accounts, see what has to offer. It managed to earn distinction due to its use of high-quality, active followers essential for reaching real accounts.

Bot followers and fake accounts are the usual avenues of other growth providers. While it could inflate your IG followers and engagement, there’s no guarantee it will be beneficial in the long run.

Even without the help of third-party apps, human users can easily notice if the growth is organic or not by checking the follower accounts. When this happens, your reputation and brand could suffer.

With, you can expect premium followers and engagement are utilized to ensure your account is safe from harm. In addition, its targeted approach helps you reach relevant accounts that are essential in your social media marketing efforts.

Not all sites give the option of choosing either instant delivery or gradual delivery. This company allows you to pick whether you want it fast or slow. In some scenarios, a gradual delivery could be helpful in establishing authenticity.

When you choose to buy followers on Instagram, you have the choice between High-Quality or Premium. Prices start at $2.87. If you want to buy Instagram views from the site, it may cost as low as $1.87. For IG likes, the lowest price is $1.37. You may purchase from the site using a credit card or use any other major payment method.


As one of the industry leaders in growth services, has gained a reputation for top-notch quality and lightning-fast delivery times. Many aspiring brands and influencers have turned to the site to quickly boost their social media stats.

Considering the feedback from its client base, it’s safe to assume that Social-viral’s reputation is justified. Besides, the website is aware of the importance of user experience. That’s why it maintains a 24-hour support team to ensure any potential issues are addressed in the shortest amount of time.

As part of its terms of service, will provide a refund for orders not fulfilled on time. This is important because there are scenarios where the ordered numbers drop after a couple of days.

The site has the system and support team to deliver whether you want to start small or get thousands of followers instantly. To get Instagram followers on, you only have to follow three easy steps.

Similar to other reputable growth services, the website lets you get followers on Instagram in High-Quality or Premium plans. The lowest offer is the 50-follower package, priced at $1.99. For likes, you will receive 100 for $3.67. The lowest price for buying views on the site is $2.21, which will get you 500 views on a specific post.

For those who prefer a free trial before deciding if they want to get Instagram followers for a fee, is worth checking out. You only have to provide your IG username and email to get started.

The company has over a decade as a provider of a wide range of brand-building services on Instagram. claims you will have a better chance of establishing an authentic audience with real engagement if you opt to purchase its packages.

The boost of followers and engagement delivers does not come from bots or fake accounts. Instead, you will receive high-quality Instagram followers with a couple of steps.

In fact, boasts you will receive the boost you ordered in as fast as 30 seconds. Considering the speed of other growth companies, the delivery times of this site are commendable.

Its pricing plans are almost similar to others, which means offers an average rate for its services. Furthermore, its website features a professional, modern design with interactive graphics that makes it easier to see what it offers.

6. ExploreinLife

One of the sites to consider if you want to buy Instagram followers cheaply is ExploreinLife. This California-based social media growth provider attests that its services are provided accurately for optimal customer experience.

The websites accept direct payment methods and PayPal if you buy real Instagram followers and engagement from it.

While the front page of the site primarily highlights Twitter, accessing the Instagram service packages is easy. Simply hover your mouse on the “Instagram” link on the menu bar and see what services ExploreinLife has on offer.

Where To Buy Instagram Engagement

When you search about websites that let you buy followers on Instagram, it could be confusing which one is worth considering. To help you grow your follower count and engagement rate, check out any one of these top six sites.

Each offers real engagement from real Instagram users, but,,, and are our favorites. With these providers, you will see your follower count grow without Instagram’s algorithm flagging your account for bot activity.

Buying Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views FAQs

1. How does an Instagram follower bot work?

During the initial stages of Instagram’s popularity, some digital marketers and aspiring influencers won’t shy from using bots to grow their numbers.

An Instagram follower bot works by finding targeted accounts that utilize specific hashtags and keywords. Then, the bot will follow their profiles and engage their posts using your IG account. The bot’s primary purpose is to enhance exposure. If your account is noticed regularly by other users following a popular account, chances are they may also follow you.

Because this tool is easily abused by many users, the website has taken some actions to discourage the utilization of bots. Follower bots are now recognized to violate Instagram’s Terms of Service. It may result in a suspension or ban if the system detects it on your account.

2. What do organic followers mean?

Organic followers are actual individuals who discovered your Instagram account via shares, feeds, and search engines. When it comes to digital marketing, it is the essential aspect that needs utmost attention.

Most growth providers promise organic followers, but they are not the reason why you will earn money. These “real” followers are often created and managed manually. Hence, it would be difficult for others to notice the difference from actual accounts.

Once your account gets engagement consistently from organic followers, you will soon receive offers for promotional content.

Advertisers have the means to detect if your followers and engagements are authentic or not. That’s why even if you use growth services, achieving organic followers and traffic will always be the goal.

3. Besides buying followers and engagement, how do you make your online presence more significant?

There are a couple of ways to make your posts go viral or make them interesting for potential followers. As influencers from all possible niches increase consistently, you may use their reach to enhance yours.

One effective method to boost your followers and engagement is to partner with other successful brands or influencers. Once exposed to their audience, you will have the chance to earn their follow, views, and comments. Make sure your content is interesting to take advantage of the opportunity.

Giveaways are also common for aspiring brands and influencers in growing their social media presence. You may instruct your current audience to share your post, and you’ll pick a random winner that follows all your guidelines. For instance, the participant must be following your account, like your post, and has a comment on it.

4. Are Instagram growth services worth it?

It’s no secret that popular influencers and celebrities got their start on IG via growth services. Still, it doesn’t mean that you will have to purchase consistently.

If utilized correctly, there are numerous benefit that comes with using growth services. However, you shouldn’t rely on it to grow your account. As mentioned earlier, the objective is to gain actual followers that will boost your account’s engagement consistently.

There is no shortcut to success in the digital marketing gig. You can boost your numbers artificially, but if there are no real people who find your post interesting, it’s all for naught.

5. How to spot fake Instagram followers?

There are some indications to look out for when identifying fake IG followers.

  • A severely out-of-balance ratio of followers to accounts followed. If the accounts they follow considerably outnumber their own followers, the profile is most certainly fake.

  • No profile picture or using a generic photo. More often than not, the makers of fake accounts don’t bother to upload images.

  • Suspicious high or low engagement. If an account is spamming comments or only engages in specific accounts, chances are it is a fake one.

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