Buy a Cardboard iPhone 5 for Only $186,511

Kenneth Rosen
November 6, 2012
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Considering buying an iPhone 5? Maybe you should just settle for a $186,511 piece of cardboard shaped like the gadget.

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There's no display, no camera, no video recording. It doesn't need wires to function, so it's wireless, and its battery life will outlast any phone on the market. It's also biodegradable -- score for the greenies. At first glance it seems like a joke, but eBay UK user mrbottlesfriend posted exactly that and it has already garnered 108 bids.

If you read past the description you'll note they're doing selling the iFaux for charity.

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"All money raised from this auction will go towards a challenge (trekking along the Great Wall of China)," the post reads, "I am undertaking for the Charity Dig Deep which is a UK registered charity that helps communities in Kenya improve access to clean water, sanitation and renewable energy."

You can also sponsor their trek on Just Giving.

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Image courtesy of eBay

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