Butterfinger® Barmageddon News Network Van Stalls Before Crowd at Comic-Con

Sylvia Cochran

The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, California, was ground zero for Comic-Con attendees, anime devotees, masquerade participants and Eisner Award hopefuls. As revealed by a Business Wire press release, it was also Butterfinger Man's destiny with the ultimate food truck woe: breakdown.

As noted by the BARmageddon News Network (BBNN), the van carrying the masked candy crusader stalled on Fifth Avenue, while Comic-Con attendees were exiting the convention center. Rather than worrying about polite niceties or pushing the van out of the way, the fans made off with 500 pounds of Butterfinger bars as well as 1,000 pairs of orange underwear. While the choice of color may give you pause, consider that the unmentionables, along with the delectables, were free of charge.

BBNN firmly believes that the proclivity for orange underwear is only one sign denoting the upcoming end of the world, and Comic-Con attendees -- and other eyewitnesses -- are encouraged to upload footage at Facebook.com/Butterfinger. Since the Winner Twins just finished their presentation "How to Create Your Own Novel," look for Comic-Con inspired releases of works featuring orange underwear or free candy bars.

Granted, Butterfinger Man should have known better than to tempt fate. With "To a Mayan Apocalypse Near You" emblazoned on the truck, it was only a matter of time before his calendar of good luck would run out. Then again, the BBNN could have taken note when Grub Street called foot trucks "hell on wheels." Not to put too fine a point on it, but trucks do tend to break down, especially in sunny Southern California's hot weather. (Did Butterfinger Man remember to get the oil changed and the coolant recharged since stopping in Dallas on June 22?)

While it is unclear why the traveling BBNN icon needs large quantities of orange underwear, fans should note that the truck is fixed and moving on. Spot it, flag it down, and say the super secret catch phrase -- "whaddup" -- for freebies. If you are uploading your footage of orange unmentionables, why not also audition for the role of "Last Spokesperson on Earth?"

After all, doomsday only happens once.