Quick Gift For Home Cooks


When you come from a family of wonderful cooks, or even a group of good eaters, this would be a great gift for all. Take a Cutting Board, Cheese block, wooden serving platter – you name it. Now, we will show you how to put a delicious time old traditional recipe from your favorite Aunt right on to the wood -that was our way in…. what’s yours?


  • Print out of the recipe

  • Pen and paper to write out recipe by hand

  • Wooden chopping board

  • Red Satin Ribbon


  • Wood Burning Tool

  • Handwriting Attachment for Cursive Writing

  • Masking Tape


1. Handwrite the recipe on paper so that you can see how you will write it out with burning tool.


2. Place a strip of masking tape to give a straight line guide at the top – move it down as you go- and a margin so that it has a tidy appearance.


3. Follow manufacturers directions to heat, and burn, your recipe right into the wood.


4. Tie a big red satin ribbon around the handle with a slip knot.

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