Businesses challenged to fundraise for young cancer patient

Apr. 3—A local business has challenged other local businesses to help fundraise for a toddler who is battling cancer.

BJ Cromer, grandmother of Liam Brown and owner of the Mom and Daughter Shop, is hosting a 10% donation challenge on Saturday, April 6.

Fiesta Mexicana restaurant is one of several joining in the effort, calling this Saturday "The Liam Brown 10% Day."

"Every business taking part will donate 10% of sales to support little Liam Brown with his fight against neuroblastoma cancer," was stated on their Facebook page. "We also challenge all businesses in London to participate."

Cromer said several businesses had pledged their support on that day.

"Moody Cows, El Pescador, Sacred Grounds, The Grind, and Ott's Grocery are going to do that," Cromer said. "Pine Top Market made a donation already."

Cromer added that Time to Shine child care had also pledged to assist with the effort to help Brown's family.

For Cromer, the fundraising is a personal effort.

"Liam is my 2-year-old grandson who is battling stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. During Liam's journey, a lot of people in our community and outside of our community has joined with me to raise money for Liam's family. When is it enough? Some people ask. NEVER! I will continue to advocate and raise money and do whatever is necessary for Liam and his family Until he is home, free from cancer, safe and living his normal life," Cromer wrote on her Facebook page.

Liam was diagnosed with cancer last spring, just after his 2nd birthday. Since that time, the family has traveled to Lexington to the Markey Cancer Center for treatments. Liam was underwent an extended hospital stay at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. In February, he was released to come home but began bleeding and had to be rushed back to Cincinnati for tests.

Currently he has been receiving radiation treatments.

"He goes back to UK this week for a scan and bone marrow tests to check and see if the cancer is gone or is still there," Cromer added.

Businesses wishing to participate in the 10% Challenge can contact Cromer at (606) 231-7016.