Business owners along Manchester Road clear remnants of flash flooding in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, Mo. – Flash flooding in Rock Hill left behind muddy roads and covered sewer drains overnight. People were out in front of businesses along Manchester on Tuesday with brooms and pressure washers.

“I pretty much just got what blew off the water. The wind had a bunch of boards. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it was,” Danny Catlett, part owner of Trainwreck Saloon, said.

Catlett said driving into work at 4 a.m. Tuesday gave him flash backs to July 2022’s historic flooding.

“I came out the front door and I saw all the firemen and police trucks and stuff like that. This was all closed down. There were four or five guys working down here,” he said.

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FOX 2 was on the ground in Rock Hill when emergency crews saved a semi-truck driver from flood waters.

“I saw the water around my truck. I was scared and I tried to open my door, but the water was touching my door,” Emmanuel Lare said. “So, I just took my phone and called 911 to get help.”

Emergency crews said another driver drove into flood waters on McKnight but was able to get to safety on their own. City officials said the big concern Tuesday is the cleanup.

“Public Works Department, they have been working since they came in this morning to clean up as much as they can. To clean up streets,” Rock Hill City Administrator Garrett Schlett said.

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