Burk celebrates 72 years of 'mothering'

At 90, Gerda Anna Burk has been a mother for nearing 72 years. Having recently moved to Hillsdale, she is looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with three generations of her family.

Burk had her first child in 1950 at St. Joseph Hospital in Phoenix, with two more soon after at a hospital in Long Beach, Calif. According to Burk, it cost $75 to have a baby in 1950.

She said the most important aspect of her life as a mother over the years was raising her children through a God-focused mindset.

“Very important,” Burk said. “I felt that it was very important to raise them in Sunday school, and I did. I always wanted all my children to know that God is their guide. I wanted to direct them to know God, love Him, and listen to Him.

“I believe everything that the Bible tells us and I wanted my children to be able to go to Heaven and be with our Lord,” she said.

Burk went on to say she took pride in her children’s education.

“All of my children graduated from either a university or a school. My eldest daughter graduated from a cosmetology school. My youngest daughter graduated from Arizona State University, and my son graduated from Washington State University in Seattle, in forestry, after serving 30 years in the Navy. So, they all did very well,” she said.

“It brings so much joy when your child has an accomplishment of some kind. For them to be healthy, to know that whatever comes along in their lives that they will know how to take care of it, being guided by God and the Holy Spirit.”

Burk concluded by saying, “I’m so thankful for my children,” she said. “They brought me my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren. That is a big joy. Eighteen greats! And one great-great coming in September.”

“I don’t know anybody else who’s in that position,” she said. “But, I hope I’ll have one or two more great-greats before I leave this earth. Only the good Lord knows.”

Gerda Anna Burk
Gerda Anna Burk
Gerda Anna Burk with her husband, John, and their children in 1960.
Gerda Anna Burk with her husband, John, and their children in 1960.

This article originally appeared on Hillsdale Daily News: Community