Burger King's Creepiest Ads

John Hudson
Burger King's Creepiest Ads

It shouldn't comes as a surprise to anyone that Burger King is ditching its ad agency Cripsin + Bogusky. The seven-year partnership resulted in a series of disturbing and wildly unappetizing "king ads" that coincided with the burger giant's lackluster financial outlook.

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The company told The Wall Street Journal it's overhauling its marketing department to "create consistency for the brand's message across the globe."

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We don't know what that means but we have a hunch that it excludes having large bobblehead king dolls creaping outside your window or hiding under your bed covers.

How 'bout we take a walk down memory lane and look at BK's most off-the-wall advertisements:

Wake Up with the King


The King at Work


The King Outside Your Window


The King Raps

More King in the Bedroom