Heartbreaking Photo Of Grandad Who Cooked For All Six Grandkids - But Only One Turned Up


He had made 12 burgers in anticipation of dinner with his grandchildren.

So he would have felt more than a touch of disappointment when all bar one failed to show.

But fortunately the internet has mobilised to ensure Kelsey Harmon’s ‘Papaw’ feels loved after she posted an image on Twitter of her grandfather eating one of the burgers.

The Oklahoma student wrote underneath: 'Dinner with papaw tonight… He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. love him [sic].’

Sure enough the image has provoked a collective outpouring of emotion from fellow Twitter users.

Many have asked Kelsey to send their messages of love to her Papaw – though some have been a little less positive, with death threats apparently being sent to Miss Harmon’s cousins.

'I know I don’t know you or papaw but can you tell him that we (the internet) love him?’ one person wrote.

The original post has been retweeted by more than 84,000 users and favourited nearly 150,000 times within 24 hours of being posted.

Some seem to have taken more extreme measures with Miss Harmon later posting: 'Papaw is ok guys I promise & he loves all grandkids equally, plz stop sending my cousins death threats everything is ok !!!! [sic]’.

Some hoped to be updated on the saga. Kimberley Hendry wrote: 'I need to know more! Did the grandkids apologise? What happened to the rest of Paw Paw’s burgers? Is he okay? I need to know’.

Another user wrote: 'Now he has 45.9K new grandchildren who would love to have a burger with him im in tears this made me so sad im crying’.

Shades of JD & DJ added: 'Please tell him that more tan 15k people whants to eat hamburguers with him. Big hugs for you two [sic]’.

And it seems her Tweet achieved an important reaction closer to home.

Her cousin Brock took to Twitter to tell people he had now gone round to Papaw’s for a burger.

'Guys don’t worry!’ Brock tweeted alongside an image of his grandfather tucking into yet another burger. 'I came to Papaw’s house and am having a burger!'

He later added: “Papaw said he forgives me and wants all of you guys to know that y'all are awesome for making him famous.

'I asked PaPaw what it felt like being the coolest grandpa in the world and he said its nothing new that he’s been the coolest one for a while.’

Pictures from Twitter/Kelsey Harmon